Meet Our Uvida Shop Ambassadors

Meet Our Ambassadors: Abby Gutierrez - September 2021

Meet Our Uvida Shop Ambassadors

Meet Our Uvida Shop Ambassador Abby!  She is a Massachusetts' local passionate about the shop's mission of zero waste.  Some of her favorite Uvida Shop products include the metal straws and Vegan Wood Nail Brush and she loves the pothos and snake plants.

Where are you from? Peabody, MA

What is your favorite season and why? My favorite season is definitely fall because I love the look of foliage and the weather is perfect. 

How did you first hear about Uvida? Through social media :)

You can find Uvida on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.  Also, be sure to sign up for our email newsletters to be the first to know about in-store events and new products! (LINK!)

What is your favorite thing about Uvida? The fact that it is POC (person of color) + woman led!

What are some of your favorite Uvida products? Bamboo toothbrush and nail brush

Learn more about the Uvida Shop story and mission here.

What is your favorite Uvida plant? My pothos plant is my everything!

Check the plants out in person or on our website - we have Big Green Pothos (as shown below), as well as Neon and Golden Pothos!

Big Green Pothos

How do you like to connect with people/tell them about Uvida? My favorite way is definitely through social media.

Do you plan/are you incorporating green lifestyle choices into your life? Yes! On a daily basis my family and I use multiple products from UVIDA such as metal straws, and bamboo products like the toothbrush, dish soap and brush, and the nail brush which comes in super handy when taking care of all of my plants!

Uvida Shop Metal Straw   Uvida Shop Vegan Wood Nail Brush

What are some of your hobbies? Reading, listening to podcasts, working out.

What are some things that you enjoyed doing this summer? I enjoyed going on road trips and spending time with friends and family!

What is one green tip you would like to share? Go and buy plants! You will not regret it and while you are taking care of it, they are also bringing amazing energy into whatever room they are in. A great first plant to have is a snake plant, they require water every 7 days but even then if you forget, that’s okay! They are very hard to kill and such an amazing plant to have around :)

Check out our selection of snake plants and other plants you can purchase on our online plant store.  

Uvida Store Snake Plant


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