Meet Our Ambassadors: Cara Mooney - October 2021

Meet Our Ambassadors: Cara Mooney - October 2021


A college student at Boston University and an avid photographer, Cara (center) incorporates green lifestyle choices into her life and plans to carry on her eco-friendly choices to her job. For instance, she grew up in a house where they had separate recycle and trash bins as well as a compost so she has been continuing that throughout her life.

When did you become an Uvida ambassador? May 2021 

How did you hear about Uvida? My friend introduced me to Uvida!

Why did you want to become an Uvida ambassador? To learn more about sustainability and how I can bring it to my home and share with my family.

Where are you from? Brookline, MA

What is your favorite thing about Uvida? All the different types of products that are available. There are a lot more than I thought of!

If you have a favorite or two Uvida product(s), please tell us about them: The shampoo and conditioner soap bars and bamboo toothbrush. I haven’t been able to to use the bars yet but the toothbrush is amazing!


How do you like to connect with people/tell them about Uvida? (ex. through social media, through talking about products): Social media! 

Be sure to check out Cara's awesome photos, which include Uvida products as well as Boston scenery, on her Instagram photography account @caramooneyphoto


What are some of your hobbies? Exercising, Reading, Photography

What are some things that you are enjoyed this summer? Seeing my family for the first time in over a year! 

What is your favorite season and why? Favorite season is fall because of all the colors it brings about.

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