4 Black-owned, eco-friendly businesses to support in celebration of Black History Month!

4 Black-owned, eco-friendly businesses to support in celebration of Black History Month!

As we celebrate Black History Month, it's important to us that we highlight and support Black-owned businesses that are creating positive change in our communities! We are dedicating this blog post to four of our favorite eco-friendly, black-owned businesses (some of them you can even shop from our store!). From skincare and beauty products to sustainable local urban agriculture, these businesses are setting an example of excellence in entrepreneurship. So let's take a closer look at what each brand has to offer!


The Té Spa

Picture from The TéSpa website

Kicking off our list is TheTéSpa! Founded by Alexis Jones, TheTéSpa was established out of her passion for culinary arts and food, as well as her commitment to giving back to communities. These values were instilled in Jones at a very young age and have remained true to her, which is what led her to develop healthy, all natural teas that help people feel better than ever!

Each blend of tea is carefully crafted with all natural ingredients and uses their unique health benefits to “beautify, invigorate, relax, and revitalize”. All this makes for a set of delicious, healthy, and natural teas if you’re feeling thirsty! Visit the Uvida Shop refillery to purchase a refill in a reusable container to indulge in specially curated teas that will leave you feeling rejuvenated!


We Grow Microgreens, LLC

Picture from We Grow Microgreens, LLC website

Co-founders of We Grow Microgreens, Lisa and Tim Smith, are both former Boston Public Schools teachers who share their love of horticulture with local communities, empowering them to do the same! Their Hyde Park Greenhouses are crafted with an eco-friendly approach, incorporating sustainable and organic growing methods to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and minimize any negative environmental impacts. They also incorporated features such as glass walls, rainwater harvesting tanks, heated raised beds, a well-insulated base, solar-powered roof vents, and thermal curtains to optimize their energy usage.

We Grow Microgreens’ is committed to supporting local communities through sustainable food growth, and plans to establish an educational program for both young people and adults that teaches them the benefits of cultivating their own food. We hope you are equally inspired by their mission as we are, and be sure to give their greenhouse a visit if you are in the Hyde Park area!


Brown and Coconut

Picture from Brown and Coconut website

Sisters, Zeena and Letisha, started Brown and Coconut as a lifestyle blog in 2013 to share their journey towards a more conscious and holistic lifestyle while living in Boston. Originally looking for products that worked with their acne, eczema, and sensitive skin, the sisters eventually found conventional skincare methods to be ineffective. Their frustration motivated them to create their own line of skincare products using unique blends of non-irritating botanicals and clays that are crafted with their customers in mind.

Their work goes beyond the countless hours of research and cosmetic chemist expertise that went into making each product, as Brown and Coconut makes a conscientious effort to contribute to the zero waste community. All of their products are packaged in glass bottles that are reusable and recyclable. They’ve also revamped their online order shipments by using recyclable packaging materials and donating to the Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera Forest Conservation Project in Colombia (among other forest protection initiatives) to make their online orders plastic-free with reduced emissions. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your skincare routine in an environmentally conscious way, check out Brown and Coconut!


Fill More Waste Less

Picture from Fill More Waste Less website

The zero waste movement goes beyond just Boston, so for the last part of our list we’re drawing your attention to Fill More Waste Less, an Ohio-based business that lives up to its name. Like Uvida Shop, Fill More Waste Less is here as a resource for everyone on their zero waste journey, whether you’re a zero waste expert or just starting out! They believe that even small changes can have a significant impact on our environment and empowers its customers to make those positive changes, which is a message that deeply resonates with us!

They offer a wide range of refill options in compostable and reusable containers, zero waste essentials, and a blog full of information to help you live a little more waste free. Fill More Waste Less has done all that tricky research for you to ensure that the products they carry utilize all natural and organic ingredients, They also provide a compost drop-off service if you’re local to the area, so give them a visit whenever you are in Cincinnati!


And More…

We really hope that we were able to shine a light on these eco-friendly, Black-owned businesses to help you shop conscientiously for sustainable alternatives to your everyday items! We are moved by each of their stories, the impact that they’ve had on their communities, and we hope to join them in continuing to help others with their eco-friendly, zero waste journey. These are just some of the MANY Black-owned businesses creating a positive change in our environment, so if we’re missing one of your favorites, please share them with us in the comments!
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