Donations Accepted

As a zero waste store, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact by reusing existing items instead of buying new. We will happily accept donations of any of the following for daily use in our storefronts, or for use during the events we host. We also have items that we are looking to buy eventually but are in no rush so if you have it and do not need it, we will happily take it (:


Items we are currently accepting:

Daily Use

  • Reusable small paper bags
    • Clean white printing paper
      • Newspaper for wrapping products and for online orders
      • Small boxes for shipping online orders (must be small)
      • Small glass bowls (for our staff to use)
      • Plastic plant trays to go underneath the plants (for watering the plants)

        Event Materials

        • Reusable cups
        • Wine glasses
        • Folding chairs
        • Wine bottle opener 

          Items we only need one of:

          • Paper shredder machine
          • Tall blue recycling bin

            Items we are usually always accepting but have enough of for now:

            • Clean and sanitized mason jars for our refill stations (without labels preferred) (jars with food in it are not accepted anymore, please clean the jars prior to dropping them off) 
            • Plastic bottles for our refill stations (without labels preferred)