Houseplant Services

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Plant Care Made Easy

Not sure what your houseplant needs? Our experienced associates can help! Bring them by our North End store any day we’re open (no appointment needed) for repottings and more:

  • Plant repottings
  • Soil refresh & fertilizing
  • Pruning & leaf polishing
  • General plant care & health questions
  • Bulk soils
  • And more . . .

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No appointments needed! You can bring your houseplants in during store hours any day that we're open.

We generally do repottings and houseplant care so that you have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice on the best ways to care for your plants. You can also drop your plants off with us to be repotted, and pick them up later in the day or the next day. For large plants (10"+) we recommend dropping them off and picking them up later.

How much does repotting cost?

We charge according to pot size and whether there are any complications during the repotting, such as a plant that's root bound or has root rot. The prices below are an estimate, and may vary for more complex repottings.

  • Extra small plants ($2.00 to $3.00/ea)
  • Small plants ($4.00 to $7.00/ea)
  • Medium plants ($6.00 to $8.00/ea)
  • Large plants ($10.00 $12.00/ea)
  • Extra large plants & trees ($20.00 to $25.00/ea)

We offer free same-day repottings for any plants you buy in-store with us!

How can I tell if my plant needs repotting?

Most plants only need repotting when their roots start crowing the plant pot that they are in. If you notice roots coming out of your plant's drainage holes, then it's likely time to go up a pot size.

Plants may also need repotting if they are showing signs of stress. If you're unsure whether your plant needs repotting, bring it in and we can take a look!

Do I have to wait for spring to bring my plants in?

We offer houseplant care all year round! Spring is the recommended time to repot your plants since the increased sunlight and higher temperatures let them grow and adapt to their new pot faster, but if you're noticing signs of stress during any season (yellow or crispy leaves, leaf drop, etc.) definitely bring it in so we can help you!

Can I bring in my own pot?

Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own plant pots for repotting. We recommend repotting your plants into a pot with drainage holes that is 1"-2" bigger in diameter than its current home.

We also have a small selection of secondhand pots for sale if you want to pick one in-store instead.

Do you treat pest infestations?

No, we do not treat or repot plants with pest infestations so as to avoid infecting the other plants in the store. Depending on which pests you have, we recommend treating the leaves and soil with a dish soap dilution (the unscented dish soap in our refill station works great for this) or a natural neem oil.

You can also fill out the contact form on our website to get more detailed advice tailored to your specific plant's needs.

Can I just buy the soil for my repottings?

Yes, we sell soil in bulk if you enjoy doing your own repottings. You can see all of our bulk plant care products at the bottom of our refill menu.

Do you have an office plants service?

Yes, we offer plant consultations, installations, and care options for nearby businesses and offices. Fill out our contact form to get started. Plants are a great addition for any workplace since they are proven to help boost creativity, while easing stress and anxiety.

  • Consultation: We will help you find the perfect plants to fill your workplace, depending on the light availability of your space and the look you want to achieve.
  • Installation: We can also help source potting options to house your new plants. Our installation service involves repotting the plants and getting them settled into their new space.
  • Plant Care: We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plant care services depending on your plants' needs. One of our experienced associates will visit your workplace to provide everything your plants need, from watering and pruning to repottings and pest control.

Visit us in the North End, or fill out our contact form to keep your houseplants happy and healthy.