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Famous for its big, vibrant flowers in striking colors, the amaryllis is a favorite for those looking to see blooms in the winter!
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Get to Know Amaryllis!


Amaryllis are part of the Hippeastrum family, and are native to the Western Cape region of South Africa. They are popular for their large, vibrant flowers, which can bloom even in winter!


Amaryllis like regular watering, but don't tolerate sitting in too much water! We recommend watering no more than once a week, when the top two inches of topsoil is dry.


4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day will help encourage your plant to put out beautiful blooms! However, be careful not to leave it too long in direct sunlight, as it can wither. When in doubt, Amaryllis will also be happy with bright indirect sunlight.


No! This plant is not pet-friendly.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Over- or underwatering are the biggest concerns for the amaryllis. Wilted leaves mean that your plant needs more water, while a drooping bulb can mean the plant is rotting from too much water.