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Burro's Tail

Burro's Tail

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The Burro's Tail is an unforgettable trailing succulent with overlapping fleshy leaves and gorgeous light green hue.
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Get to Know Burro’s Tail!


This drought-tolerant, sun-loving sedum loves to be left alone once you find its forever-spot. If you need to relocate, or transplant your Burro's Tail, handle it with care as the leaves easily fall off from the stem! A burro’s tail is easy-going and a great option for beginners!


Let the soil completely dry out before you water your Burro's Tail. Lots of factors, like light and humidity determine how often an aloe plant will need water, but it is normal for this plant to go a couple of weeks between watering.


Likes lots of bright indirect light, so they do best on a sunny shelf or near a window that provides over 6 hours of indirect sunlight each day. Try placing them in a south or west facing window.


Yes! This plant is non-toxic to your pets.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

OVERWATERING: The easiest way to figure out if you are overwatering your burro’s tail is to observe the leaves. If the leaves shrivel up before they fall off, you are probably overwatering the plant.

ROTTING: Root rot is a very prevalent problem with succulents. If the plant was not repotted properly or the roots are treading water for a long time, the burro’s tail develops root rot.

This damages the plant and makes the leaves fall off more easily. You need to check the roots of the burro’s tail to determine if it is suffering from root rot.

NEW LEAVES: Sometimes burro’s tail leaves fall off because there is new growth forming at the top of the plant. However, you have nothing to worry about because the fallen leaves will be replaced very soon.

If you see tiny offsets when the leaves of the burro’s tail fall off, it just means that the plant is active and growing.