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Calathea Ornata 'Beauty Star'

Calathea Ornata 'Beauty Star'

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This Calathea Ornata ‘Beauty Star’ lives up to its name and is definitely going to be an eye-catcher in your apartment!
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Get to Know Calathea Ornata ‘Beauty Star’!


The ‘Beauty Star’ is also known as the Peacock or Zebra Plant because of its striped leaves. Calatheas are native to the tropical forests of Brazil in South America which is why they like it warm and humid! This plant is perfect for beginners who have the time to pay attention to the Calathea or intermediate plant owners. Fun fact: If you look closely you will be able to see your Calathea plant fold up its leaves at night!


Check your plant's soil regularly and water it when the top 25% of soil is dry.Your plant does not want to sit in water. Make sure to drain remaining water in the bottom of the pot or saucer.


Your Calathea ‘Beauty Star’ thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Do not expose this plant to direct sun since this can burn its leaves and/or make its color fade.


Yes, it is non-toxic to humans and animals!

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

- Water your calathea with a generous soak, so that excess water trickles from the base of the pot. This ensures that the water has infiltrates the soil so that it is consistently moist throughout and the roots can access the moisture they require to keep the plant healthy and prevent drooping leaves.

- Water your calathea as often as required so that the soil feels moist (but importantly not saturated). Exactly how often you should water you calathea to keep it healthy varies according to your climate and the conditions in the home. The best practice is to water with a generous soak and then monitor the soils moisture throughout the week and water just before the soil feels dry.

- Keep the calathea out the way of draughts from air conditioning, forced air or any other air currents as this is contrary to the calathea’s preferred humid conditions. Air currents sap moisture away from the leaves causing the to turn crispy, Find a nice, relatively still place for your calathea in bright, indirect light.

- To counteract the dryer affects of air currents and to replicate the humidity of the rainforest I recommend spraying the leaves of your calathea with a mist once every 3 days or so. They dryer your climate or house is, the more frequently you should mist the leaves. Alternatively you can use a humidifier or place the pot on a tray filled with water with pebbles keeping the pot out of the standing water. They water in the tray evaporates and creates a humid micro-climate to suit the calathea.

- Locate your calathea in an area of bright indirect light as any sun at this point can exacerbate the drought stress and conditions that caused the drooping, brown, crispy leaves. An area of bright, indirect light helps the calathea maintain its variegated colors (if it is a variegated variety) and prevents the leaves from scorching.