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Triangle ficus

Triangle ficus

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Triangle ficus, also called Ficus Triangularis, is a leafy plant that gets its name from the leaves in the shape of a triangle.
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Get to Know Triangle Ficus!


The truncate-shaped waxy leaves are a shiny dark green color and cover the woody plant’s stems. The ficus triangularis ‘Variegata’ has triangular-shaped green leaves with creamy-white margins and veins for a more dramatic appearance.


Triangle ficus enjoys a deep watering and then being allowed to dry out before watering again. Water only when the top third of the soil is dry.


Although this variety is tougher than other members of the ficus family, this plant still appreciates a good supply of bright light and protection from cold drafts like those from windows or doors and air conditioners.


No! This plant is not pet friendly.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Yellowing of the leaves is often due to overwatering or too little light. However, in some cases, yellowing of the leaves can be due to dehydration from overexposure to the sun and high temperatures. Additionally, leaves that turn from yellow to brown may signify disease.

Leaf browning will occur in ficus triangularis when the plant lacks water or receives too much sunlight. Although enjoying bright light, plants that are not acclimatized may show signs of sun scorching or may undergo browning due to extreme light intensity. However, leaves that suddenly turn yellow, then brown, or brown spots on foliage may signify disease.