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Starfish Plant

Starfish Plant

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The starfish plant aka sansevieria gets its name from its eye-catching fan-shaped light green foliage.
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Get to Know Starfish Plant!


The shape of this indoor star fish plant has thick, striped leaves extending in a fan from its base. The starfish plant is rarer than other succulent snake plants you’ll find.


This plant enjoys having its soil dry out between waterings. Watering every 1-2 weeks is common and it is smart to check the soil weekly to know when it needs watered.


Bright indirect light is its favorite, the starfish plant will tolerate a wide range of conditions from full, hot sun to low light.


No! This plant is not pet friendly.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Like a snake plant, this plant thrives on neglect. If it is not doing well it is likely to be due to overwatering.