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Piper Crocatum

Piper Crocatum

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This rare pink-veined plant is already trained to grow up a bamboo hoop so you can show off it's gorgeous foliage!
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Get to Know Piper Crocatum


Piper Crocatum is naive to Peru & South America, and stands out from other house plants with it's pink veins and pointed leaves. This vining plant can be easily trained to climb a moss pole or bamboo hoop to give it a little extra height!


Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering your Piper Crocatum. Allow excess water to drain away after watering; the soil should not dry out completely between waterings, but it should not be waterlogged either.


Piper Crocatum plants prefer bright indirect light, but can also do well in medium indirect light. These plants will do well in most warm rooms with a good sized window.


No! This plant is not pet friendly.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

If your Piper Crocatum is showing signs of stress (drooping leaves, discoloration, weak stems) check that it's getting the right levels of light and watering.

If the soil is soggy, allow it to dry out or move it closer to a window. If the leaves are crispy, try watering more frequently or moving it out of direct sunlight.

Like all houseplants, Piper Crocatum is also susceptible to pests like mealybugs and spider mites. Check plants regularly for pests, and isolate and infect plants to treat them with a natural insect treatment.