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Terracotta Saucer

Terracotta Saucer

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The perfect companion to our Terracotta Pots! Protect your shelves and floors from water spills with this timeless clay pottery.
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Why Terracotta Saucers?


These terracotta saucers fit perfectly with our terracotta pots to protect your floors and other surfaces from excess water.


Saucers are made from unglazed terracotta clay.

6" saucer: 6" diameter x 1" tall


This saucer will last you years! Over time, your terracotta might develop a patina (a white, crusty film over the orange clay). This is completely normal and healthy for the clay, but if you want to remove it just soak them in a water & vinegar mixture overnight and scrub!

End of Life Care

This saucer should last you many years, but if it breaks you could repurpose it as terracotta mulch, stepping stones, a mosaic art project, or anything else you can think of!