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Vintage Style Dustpan and Brush Set

Vintage Style Dustpan and Brush Set

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A vintage style, plastic free, dust pan and brush set.
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Why Vintage Style Dustpan and Brush Set?


The pan and brush have a fashionable vintage look and are much sturdier than your typical plastic set, meaning they'll last years longer! The pan could be used as a coal/wood fire shovel or for everyday household sweeping. The wooden handle is smoothed and easy to hold and use.

Pan 38cm length (including handle), 11cm width
Brush 28cm length, 9cm width


The brush is made of sustainable beechwood and natural coir (coconut fiber bristles). The pan is also plastic free and made of metal and sustainable beechwood.


These will last for many years longer than a similar plastic set.

End of Life Care

Compost the brush and handle of the dish pan, and recycle the metal pan.