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Meet Our Ambassadors: Nia Shalise - July 2021

A journalist, editor, and content creator, Nia is passionate about many topics, including sustainability, and loves being a Uvida Ambassador.   

Where are you from? South Florida

Why did you want to become an Uvida ambassador? When I first interviewed Maria about the store, I was immediately inspired by her passion to spread environmental awareness in her community. Uvida carries so many awesome products and has brought so many people together.

When did you become a Uvida ambassador? When the North End location first opened in December of 2020

How did you first hear about Uvida? My editor assigned me a profile story on Uvida.  Read more about Nia and her editorials and other projects on her website.

What is your favorite thing about Uvida? I love how Uvida brings the community together around sustainability!

How do you like to connect with people/tell them about Uvida? (ex. through social media, through talking about products) I share a lot about Uvida on Instagram and take my Boston-based friends on visits.

Do you plan/are you incorporating green lifestyle choices into your job or do you plan to in the future? If yes, how? And/or feel free to mention some green lifestyle choices such as those related to fashion or food. I don't buy nearly as much clothing as I used to, and most of it is secondhand. And while I don't plan to go totally vegetarian yet, I eat less meat and introduce my friends and family to my favorite meatless alternatives. I also take my compostables to the Project Oscar bins. Most importantly I value the things I own and find ways to maximize their use.

What are some of your hobbies? I love writing and empowering people to live sustainably through content creation! I also enjoy thrift shopping and taking care of my plants

What are some things you enjoyed doing over the summer? This summer, I'm looking forward to launching my Boston sustainable living newsletter and exploring local green spaces and farmer's markets.

What is your favorite season? Autumn is my favorite season because the leaves are so pretty and it's not too cold but you can wear layered looks.

Please share a green tip or an inspirational quote that motivates you to keep living green. The most sustainable options are what you already own!

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