Ecotone Renewables Soil Sauce - 1:1:1 Plant Fertilizer

Soil Sauce is sustainably produced and locally sourced liquid fertilizer. Packed with a healthy microbiome of bacteria and microbes. Perfect for improving plant growth, soil remediation, and compost acceleration.

You can pour directly into your soil or compost, or depending on the plant or soil being treated, dilute Soil Sauce 1:4 with water (1 ounce of Soil Sauce mixed with 4 ounces of water). 

 What's in soil sauce?

Soil sauce is organically produced using local food waste from Pittsburgh, PA and packaged in glass bottles. Food waste is processed in an anaerobic digester with no chemicals added, so that every bottle is packed with a healthy microbiome of bacteria and microbes. As an organic fertilizers (no synthetic chemicals or pesticides), it's considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical fertilizers!

Soil sauce has an NPK ratio of 1:1:1