Popsicools - a refreshing way to stay cool on a warm day


Come pop by the North End location local business pop-up June 25-26th to escape the weekend heat with some Popsicools.

This Saturday and Sunday when make sure to come into Uvida Shop in the North End to try Popsicools artisan pops. A Boston homegrown company, the business has grown immensely over the past year.

Green all the way: Popsicools uses plant based packaging such as biodegradable bags and promotes using sustainable ingredients in their delicious creations and recycles and composts whenever possible.

Some yummy Popsicools combinations include:

  • Strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi cools
  • Raspberry, pitaya, honey, chia and bee pollen
  • Orange, ginger, lemongrass and honey
  • Greek yogurt and passion fruit
  • Blackberry and greek yogurt

Visit their website to order your yummy treats today! Looking forward to seeing you at the Popsicools Pop-Up this weekend!
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