Uvida Shop, Boston’s First Zero Waste Store, Reopens in the North End

Uvida Shop, Boston’s First Zero Waste Store, Reopens in the North End

For Immediate Release: March 22, 2024


Boston, Mass. – Uvida Shop, Boston’s first and only zero waste store, recently reopened its doors in the North End. The eco-friendly store at 189 North Street is a plastic-free haven where customers can shop for non-toxic home essentials without single-use plastics or plastic packaging. Customers can swap their plastic toothbrushes for a bamboo one, or replace single-use dryer sheets with reusable wool dryer balls.

The store also features a refill station where customers can refill their own containers with everyday household cleaning products like hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and shampoo and conditioner. All refills are paraben-free & sulfate-free, and are made from hypoallergenic formulas that are available in unscented and scented options.

“We want to make it easier for everyone to find household products that are better for your health and better for the earth,” said Maria Vasco, founder and CEO of Uvida Shop. “By creating this zero-waste space and resource for the community, we hope to make it easier for people to make small changes that have a big impact.”

Vasco is excited to return to the neighborhood where she originally started the business. She founded Uvida Shop while still a student at UMass Boston, and opened her first location in the North End in December 2020. The business began with just three products, but has since expanded to cover a range of categories that includes kitchen, bathroom, and personal care products. Uvida Shop also hosts community events throughout the year, like the wildly popular seasonal clothing swaps that draw participants from across the city.

A grand opening for Uvida Shop is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th to coincide with the 54th Earth Day. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Planet vs. Plastics”. Customers are encouraged to visit the new storefront, or visit Uvida Shop’s online website to learn more about the zero waste business.
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