Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Uvida Shop’s products will inspire you to be plastic free this and every month! 

The middle of summer is filled with parades, fireworks, bonfires (with yummy s’mores of course!), barbeques, walks near the water, and nights spent enjoying the stars or city skyline. In addition to all of these exciting happenings, the beginning of July also means that we have reached plastic free month and Uvida Shop is the perfect place to stock up on all your plastic-free products.

So what exactly is plastic free July?

Although the registered charity is based in Australia, Plastic Free July is a global initiative and its mission is straightforward: it is a “global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.”

Join the 326 million participants around the globe and sign up for the Plastic Free July challenge! By signing up you will receive weekly tips in your inbox to continue to learn about more ways to go plastic free.  If you are not sure if you are ready to go 100% plastic-free that’s okay because every little action counts: you can instead pledge to “avoid single-use plastic packaging”  or focus on “target takeaway items (the Top 4: bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups)”  and you can choose to participate in the challenge for one day, one week, or the whole month. 

Looking to get involved by purchasing plastic free products?

Uvida Shop has you covered!

As a Zero-Waste shop, Uvida has no plastic in sight: we do not sell any products made with plastic and none of the packaging is plastic either.  So just from shopping at Uvida in the North End or placing an online order you can be assured that the products you buy in July (and every month!) are plastic free! 

No matter what you are doing this summer Uvida Shop has the perfect zero-waste plastic free solution for you.  Some examples include: 

  • When you use Eco Dental Floss - you are not just cleaning your teeth - you are also helping to improve the environment’s hygiene as this dental floss is biodegradable and with a glass bottle to hold the floss you never have to toss this container into the trash. 
  • Plant Based Wax Food Wraps - ideal for packaging leftovers or packing up lunches for a day in the city or at the beach. 
  • Nutty Honey Body Soap is one of our many bar soaps - we also have shampoo and conditioner bars as well!
  • Reusable & Collapsible Cutlery - are perfect for picnics or fast food restaurants - just leave them in your bag and you will always be ready to enjoy a plastic free meal with family and friends. 


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