Natalee's favorite Uvida Shop plant is the Eucalyptus

Meet Our Ambassadors: Natalee Barbosa - August 2021

Today in our Uvida Shop Ambassador introductions we are excited to present to you Natalee Chelsea, a friend of Uvida Shop owner Maria, who loves to share Zero Waste tips with others.

Where are you from? Chelsea, MA

Why did you become a Uvida ambassador? I want to branch out and continue learning more on having a more eco-friendly lifestyle while also educating others around me. 

When did you become a Uvida ambassador? About a year ago!

How did you hear about Uvida? Through my close friend Maria :) 

What is your favorite thing about Uvida? THE GROWTH.  THE EDUCATION IT PROVIDES TO OTHERS.  THE COOL PRODUCTS. Basically everything.  

What is your favorite Uvida product/s? BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH!!! You can buy your own here!

Favorite Uvida plant: Eucalyptus plant!! 

How do you like to connect with people to tell them about Uvida? Definitely through social media posts.  I love reposting and sharing information with my followers.  

What are some ways you carry out green lifestyle choices such as those related to fashion or food? I try my hardest to be much more conscious about my decisions that may affect our planet. Whenever I’m stuck on something I’m not sure about, I make sure to reach out to my friends who are experts within the green lifestyle. Some small but big changes I’ve made is no more plastic straws, I’ve invested in many metal straws. Also biodegradable dish scrubbers, & my bamboo toothbrushes. My household has taken the time to really invest on learning how to recycle correctly. Although we are still learning on being consistent with it, we hope to become experts at it soon.

You can join Natalee and have your own sustainable dish scrubbers through purchasing our Eco Dish Sponges: Single layer 3 packEco Dish Sponges: Loofah Double Layer with cotton loop - 3 Pack, or Sisal Kitchen Brush


What are some of your hobbies? Workout out, drawing, hanging out with friends, trying new things.

What are you looking forward to this summer? This summer I am looking forward to starting my Master’s program and trying to balance that with seeing my friends and family. 

What is your favorite season? My favorite season is winter mainly because I love celebrating the holidays.

Please share a green tip or an inspirational quote that motivates you to keep living green: “Small or big, it makes the difference.” 

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