Plant Swaps: Everything You Need to Know!

Plant Swaps: Everything You Need to Know!

This blog post is specially dedicated to all the plant lovers! (And all of the soon-to-be plant parents!)

Here at Uvida, we dig plants for countless reasons. The act of taking care of something, especially a plant that changes and adapts with the seasons, can help forge stronger connections with our planet and get us more in tune with its natural patterns. And the more we come to recognize and admire the nature all around us, the easier it is to take care of our planet!

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Plant swaps are a great way to connect with your local plant community and get advice from like-minded people. Whether you're a plant pro or just starting out, there's something for everyone!


What is a plant swap?

To put it plainly, a plant swap is an event where plant lovers can come together to exchange plants, seeds, cuttings, and more with each other. Sounds simple enough right? It doesn’t need to be a super organized, large-scale event. It can be in someone’s backyard, a community center, a public park, or maybe a local business will host one (like us!). They’re a great way to bring the local plant-loving community together to share knowledge, tips and tricks, and hard earned expertise. And, of course, they're a great way to grow your plant collection for free! You might even pick up a new plant you've never heard of before. So, now that you know what a plant swap is, where can you find one and what can you expect?

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How can you find a plant swap?

Finding a plant swap can be a bit daunting at first, but there are plenty of ways to locate them in your area. There are hundreds of online groups dedicated to plant swaps and they will likely advertise their events on their page. Just do a quick search and give them a follow! Another option is to see if your area has any local garden clubs, botanical gardens, or community organizations who host them. Or you can just check in with Uvida here to see when we're hosting our next seasonal plant swaps!


What can you expect?

Plant swaps are all about community. Whether it's your first plant swap ever or your first swap with a group, you can expect a friendly atmosphere full of people who enjoy plants just as much as you do! You’ll get the chance to meet plant enthusiasts of all experience levels, so you’ll definitely find someone you can relate with. 

Plant swap materials (from the Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association)
Photo: Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association

Since every plant swap is different, it's important to check whether your upcoming swap has any guidelines you should follow. Some plant swaps are more geared towards outdoor gardeners or might ask you to only bring native plants to the swap, while others focus more on indoor house plants. Checking the rules for your specific plant swap ahead of time just ensures that you're contributing to a positive experience for everyone!

We can't speak for all plant swaps, but at Uvida we invite all plant lovers to join us during our week-long swaps: outdoor gardeners and house plant lovers alike! Seeds, cuttings, propagations, spare pots, gardening tools, and more are all accepted. Some good rules of thumb for other swaps are:

  • Make sure your plant cuttings have water so they last longer. That could mean bringing them to the swap in a little jar of water, or wrapped in a damp paper towel.
  • Double check your plants for pests before bringing them to the swap!
  • Checking for potential root rot is also a good idea. Some people like to take on a plant recovery challenge, but it's usually best to bring plants that are in good health to a swap.
  • Add a label to your plant pot or cutting so others know what you've brought.
  • Most swaps follow a 1-to-1 exchange rule, but that might change depending on how many plants are left over at the end of the event.


We can't wait to see you!

Now that you know the plant swap basics, we can't wait to see you at one of the four seasonal swaps we host each year! Or feel free to stop by our store anytime during the rest of the year to pick out a new leafy best friend from our house plant collection.

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