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7 Chakras Bracelets / Anklets

7 Chakras Bracelets / Anklets

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Chakra bracelets/anklets work by restoring balance to the chakras. They are believed to clear energy blockages and help to promote positive energy flow.

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Why 7 Chakras Bracelets / Anklets?


Red: Root chakra
Represents grounding and stability.

Orange: Sacral chakra
Represents creativity, pleasure, and sexuality.

Yellow: Solar Plexus chakra
Represents personal power and self-confidence.

Green: Heart chakra
Represents love and compassion.

Blue: Throat chakra
Represents communication and expression.

Indigo: Third Eye chakra
Represents intuition and psychic abilities.

Violet: Crown chakra
Represents awareness and consciousness.


Made from crystal beads and cord.


These can be worn until the cord wears through and breaks, in other words, they will have a very long life.

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