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Hilo Beauty

Hilo Beauty

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Are you ready for a treat? This Hilo Beauty is remarkable with its daring colors and luminosity. 

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Get to Know Hilo Beauty!


If there's an alocasia (colocasia) that can turn heads, then this is the one! Provide Hilo Beauty with ample indirect sunlight and fertilize routinely to encourage gorgeous new growth! They are not prolific growers when the temperatures are low, so keep them warm. Alocasias love high humidity levels of over 60%. This plant is toxic if ingested and may cause skin irritation. Keep away from pets and children.


Water Hilo Beauty plants when the top couple of inches of the soil are dry. Hilo Beautys have medium water requirements. Even consistent moisture is ideal. Hilo Beautys like to partially dry out between waterings, but they do not like to be soggy. Cut back on watering during the colder months if the plant is not actively growing.


Hilo Beauties are adaptable and can handle a range of light from low to bright indirect. The amount of light the plant receives will dictate how quickly it grows. If you want your plant to push out new leaves actively and produce the large leaves it is known for, then make sure the Hilo is in a spot where it can receive plenty of bright indirect light.


All alocasias are toxic to pets!

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Drooping of Alocasia Hilo Beauty can happen due to temperature drop, location change, repotting, lighting and watering issues.
- In case of the temperature drop this plant can go dormant and will droop and look lifeless. It requires warm temperature to thrive best.
If its location has been changed recently (nursery – to your home) give it some time to adapt to the new environment.
- Kept in a location where it doesn’t receive bright direct sunlight this can make your plant droop. Move it to a location where it receives bright indirect sunlight.
- Too much watering can cause overwatering which starts to rot the stem system. When this happens the plant is not able to absorb water and goes droopy and if not taken care the leaves start to turn yellowish.