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CouCou Bamboo

Bamboo Comb

Bamboo Comb

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Protect our environment with this simple switch - one plastic free comb at a time!

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Why Bamboo Combs?


This all-natural bamboo comb works to detangle your hair with ease. The bamboo comb will leave your hair feeling and looking better than ever! Fits well in your pocket for easy on-the-go access and is perfect for long getaways and vacations.

5.5" in length, 1.25" in width


100% Bamboo.


Be gentle with your comb and it'll last you years! Hand wash and air dry it occasionally to extend shelf-life. Let dry out between uses.

End of Life Care

Done with your bamboo comb? You can repurpose it into an art supply or household cleaning tool. Your bamboo comb is also compostable at the end of its life.