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Bamboo Winged Pads - Viv for your V

Bamboo Winged Pads - Viv for your V

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Let's destigmatize periods! Viv winged pads break down in just 150 days (even the wrapper!) compared to traditional menstrual products, which take 500-800 years!

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Why Bamboo Winged Pads?


With these 100% plastic-free winged pads you can save the equivalent of 48 plastic bags per period.

100% toxin-free, because your body deserves better.

Viv pads are made of natural bamboo fiber for eco-friendly softness and ultimate absorption. Naturally antibacterial, allergen-free, breathable, super soft & more absorbent than cotton and organic cotton products.


Ingredients: Natural organic bamboo fiber, natural corn fiber, wood pulp paper, absorbent polymer, biodegradable plant-based alternative to plastic, adhesive for pad wings.

No phthalates, non-toxic, BPA-free.


12 biodegradable bamboo pads per box. Pads can absorb 110ml of liquid each.

End of Life Care

The wrapper can be thrown in your compost bin if you have one! Used products should be thrown in the trash (because they have menstrual blood on them, it is not recommended to compost them). BUT they are designed to break down in 150 days in a traditional landfill environment!