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Deodorizing Body Mist

Deodorizing Body Mist

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You know that 3 o'clock slump?  Your body can feel that way too.  Best way to combat it? A refreshing splash of herbal goodness. 

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Why Body Mist?


Our body mists are a mix of essential oils & hydrosols that help to combat body odor, refresh, and uplift the body. Use it when you start your day, after the gym, between work and social hours, or as a mini camping-style shower when standard bathing facilities aren't exactly available. Our different blends are named after rivers, because nothing is quite as refreshing as flowing, moving water.


Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut based emulsifier, lactobacillus ferment, individual blend of hydrosols & essential oils.

Packaged in a glass spray bottle

Scent Options

Rooted & Rising: A rooted, grounded, and centering blend, this scent is comprised of patchouli, sage, basil, and black pepper essential oils, with eucalyptus hydrosol. 100% organic oils and hydrosols.

Songbird Medley: One of our most popular blends, this scent is a citrus mixture that combines essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, lavender, sage, and rosemary with lemon & thyme hydrosol. 100% organic oils and hydrosols.


50 mls/ 2 oz glass spray bottle

End of Life Care

When your body mist runs out, clean the glass and reuse the spray bottle! Great for misting plants, glass cleaner, and more.