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Assorted Cactus

Assorted Cactus

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A cactus is one of the easier plants to grow and therefore a great option for beginners!
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Get to Know Cactus!


Cacti are all straightforward to care for; given the right conditions, many species may bloom. Many cacti are native to Mexico and the Southwestern U.S., and like most houseplants, they require care similar to what they would experience in nature.


Cactus are drought tolerant houseplants, and the soil must be allowed to dry out between watering. Water as soon as the soil is completely dried out, while the plant actively grows during the spring and summer. Cacti can go for extended periods of time without water during winter, when the plant may be dormant. The overall conditions, like temperature and sunlight, will determine how often it requires water!


Plenty of bright indirect sunlight is needed to support cacti. These indoor plants like lots of light, even during the winter months.


Your Cactus is non-toxic but spikey!

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Typically, a dying cactus feels shakier in its potting mix and may appear as though it wants to fall off. This is a clear sign of root rot and other underlying problems. Some plants may also change color, develop soft segments on the stem, or start producing a foul smell.