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Color Safe Shampoo Bar - Dip

Color Safe Shampoo Bar - Dip

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Color Safe Shampoo Bar for every day use! Pair with a Dip Conditioner Bar for the ultimate hair care experience.

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    Why Color Safe Shampoo Bars?


    We love these Shampoo Bars because they are everything! Stylist approved, pro-scalp health, great for all hair textures, deep cleaning, and plastic free! Get ready to kick your bottles to the curb.

    How to use:
    1. Before first use, prime the bar by lathering in your hands and sudsing it up! (not necessary after shower #1)
    2. Wet your hair then wet your solid shampoo bar.
    3. Gently rub the bar directly on the scalp and use your hands to lather as you would liquid shampoo. A common mistake is applying a lot of pressure on the bar, it just needs to gently graze the hair to work!
    4. Rinse out and follow with the conditioner bar.


    Key ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Vegan Squalane, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Passion Fruit Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Ceramides.

    Scent Options

    Coconut & Almond: A summer day when we were kids. It's sweet yet still sophisticated.

    Mimosa & Sandalwood: A more feminine fragrance but has notes that are deep and mysterious.

    Rose & Matcha Tea: An enchanting pairing of rose and matcha with Middle Eastern notes.

    Rosewater & Jasmine: An English Garden at the very height of rose season.

    Tangerine & Honeydew: The youthful heart's favorite. Think fruity pebbles meets first class!

    Tobacco & Driftwood: On the more masculine side. This woodsy fragrance has notes of sea salt, amber, & vanilla.

    Wild Sage & Vetiver: A unisex fragrance. Salty air on an empty boardwalk with a touch of romance.


    To preserve the life of your bar please store dry. Bars last longer with a soap deck!

    End of Life Care

    This shampoo bar will dissolve as you use it, so there's no waste for you to take care of! Recycle paper packaging.