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Earth Star Bromeliad

Earth Star Bromeliad

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Cryptanthus species are mostly grown for their interesting leaves, but they also produce small but beautiful white or pink blooms. The plants bloom only once, however, before the plant produces offsets (pups) and then dies. If you live in the right zone, plant bromeliads outdoors in spring or summer.
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Get to Know Earth Star Bromeliad!


Cryptanthus bromeliads, more commonly known as earth stars due to the rosette-shaped arrangement of the leaves and their low growth habit, are beautiful and incredibly varied plants native to Brazil. There are over 1,200 types of bromeliads within the Cryptanthus genus, with a great variety of foliage. Their colors range from dark green to bright pink to red, and they can be banded, spotted, solid, or virtually any other pattern.


Allow soil to dry 75-100% between waterings. When watering, water thoroughly until water comes out of the drainage hole, and then empty excess out of the saucer so that your plant isn’t sitting in water.


Your Bromeliad prefers medium to bright indirect light. Insufficient light will cause growth to slow.


Bromeliads are not known to be toxic but may cause contact dermatitis or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

BROWN?: Well, it might sound harsh, but once your bromeliad bloom has begun to die, you can cut it off! Bromeliads are known for their exotic, long-lasting flowers. These tropical plants can bloom for months, in fact. However, once a bromeliad’s flower begins to die, it is signaling the next cycle in its life. This next cycle is producing pups. Pups are new bromeliad plants, which will be the future generation of your bromeliad garden. By cutting off the bromeliad’s dying flower, you can help the plant refocus its energy on these new pups.