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Vedic Botanicals

Easy Breathe Balm

Easy Breathe Balm

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These aromatic herbs help to open up the air passageways, easing your discomfort and aiding in the recovery process.
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Why A Easy Breathe Balm?


It happens to the best of us – we all get caught by the common cold from time to time. Or allergies. Or Sinus infections. There’s a whole spectrum of things that cause congestion and make breathing difficult. We took a traditional blend of Ayurvedic herbs used in steam inhalation, added some germ-killing base oils, and translated the whole thing into a convenient balm.

How to use: Spread on your chest, neck, nostrils, and hands, then inhale as deeply as you can. Optional: Apply to the soles of your feet as well.

Every sale of this product directly results in the removal of 1 pound of plastic from landfill and waterways.


Ingredients: Sesame oil, ashwaganda, bala, neem, sunflower wax, peppermint, fennel, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, ajowan, borneo camphor.


End of Life Care

Recycle empty jar or repurpose and use for your next refill.