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Fern Asplenium

Fern Asplenium

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This Fern Asplenium has a way of attracting attention with its wild wavy form!
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Get to Know Fern Asplenium!


Leslie is an easy-care houseplant that prefers increased humidity and somewhat damp conditions like most ferns. Broad fronds with gently rippled ends create a lush nest of greenery. Place the Asplenium antiquum in an obvious spot so you can always admire this plant's good looks as you walk by.


Ferns need constant moisture, but don't let them sit in standing water; you will regret it! Only certain types of wetland ferns can live in that environment, and ours are not those types! More importantly, do not neglect to water your ferns. When that happens, you will find a dying fern surrounded by a ring of brown, crunchy leaves. Try this little trick if you are unsure how often to water your ferns. Water frequently, but lightly.


Medium, indirect dappled light will bring out the best in them (picture them under a thick canopy of trees on a sunny day). Avoid direct sunlight, especially in the summer when the sun's rays are intense! The less light your ferns receive, the slower they will grow, and they may become leggy and thin.


Yes, this fern is pet friendly!

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Improper water is the primary culprit for your bird’s nest fern dying. Underwatering causes the fronds to brown and wilt while overwatering results in root & crown rot that can kill your plant. Inspect it for pests (most often scale insects) that may also cause premature death.