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Foldable Cutlery Set - Zefiro

Foldable Cutlery Set - Zefiro

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Say goodbye to cheap, single use plastics with this reusable utensil set.
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Why Travel Cutlery?


Made from sustainable bamboo, this 8 piece reusable cutlery set will come in handy when on the go. The set includes:

a pair of bamboo chopsticks
a bamboo fork
a bamboo knife
a bamboo spoon
a bamboo straw
two metal straws
a straw cleaner


Made predominantly from sustainable bamboo with some metal components.


These bamboo utensils should last you a number of years, before they wear out. Dry completely between uses and before storage to make them last even longer.

End of Life Care

Bamboo utensils can be composted at the end of their lives. Metal utensils can be recycled or repurposed. Turn old utensils into plant trellises, art supplies, or more! Let your imagination run wild!