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Furoshiki - Gift Wrapping Fabric Cloth

Furoshiki - Gift Wrapping Fabric Cloth

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A Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth made of fabric. The Furoshiki can be used in several ways to wrap different products. A small gesture with a large impact! The prettiest and most eco-friendly gift wrapper!
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    Why Furoshiki?


    They are perfect for any sustainable gift wrapping. These Furoshiki are the perfect way to wrap a gift.

    - Reusable/Ecological/Zero-waste
    - Edges have been cut by laser, so fabric is without sewing machine hem
    - Machine washable
    - Lay flat to dry. Iron at low temperature if needed

    Small: 50cm x 50cm / 20 x 20inch
    Large: 90cm x 90cm / 35 x 35inch


    Made in Quebec, Canada
    Cotton made + recycled textile


    When properly cleaned and stored these Furoshiki will last for years and years!

    End of Life Care

    When your cloth's on its last legs, drop it off with any textile recycler so it can be turned into something new!