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Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa

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If you have a bright spot in your home and looking for a sweet smelling indoor vine, then this could be the perfect plant for you!
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Get to Know Hoya Carnosa!


Hoya carnosa is the original greenster in the houseplant world. When a newly cloned indoor plant needs advice, guess who it asks? Hoyas love the light, indirect light to be exact.


Let your hoya indoor plants dry out between watering. Soak the soil thoroughly until the water drains out of the drainage holes. You’ll need to water more when they’re receiving more light, so adjust accordingly. Avoid over-watering. When the colder months arrive, cut back on watering; in wintertime, only water when their soil is completely dry.


These vining houseplants like heaps of bright, indirect sunlight and will be right at home if they can make contact for at least 6 hours each day (indirect contact, that is!). Hoyas can tolerate medium light, but they’ll become weak and leggy and produce fewer leaves in lower light. To avoid being sad and somewhat guilty, ensure these wax vines are close to an east, or north-facing window or set back from a south or west-facing window. The more natural dappled light they absorb, the greater the odds they will shower you with flowers during the summer!


Yes, this plant is pet friendly!

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

The most common cause of a Hoya dying is overwater or improper watering. Due to their beautiful thick leaves, Hoya can go for longer without water than other plants like Calathea or Peace Lilies. They store excess water in their thick leaves and can be prone to overwatering.