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Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

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A reusable tea bag alternative that's perfect for brewing loose tea leaves and reducing waste.
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Why a Loose Leaf Tea Infuser?


This tea infuser replaces the need for tea bags! It’s easier to clean, load and unload than most infusers as its hinged top completely opens, and is the perfect size to fit into most standard containers like mugs or mason jars.

This stainless steel tea infuser is more durable and safety tested in the UK.


Made entirely from stainless steel.


This infuser will last your years! Just make sure to empty the leaves, wash gently with soap and water, and let the infuser dry before storing it.

End of Life Care

This infuser should last you years, but when it's time to retire it you can either recycle it or repurpose it for arts and crafts or other projects!