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Candles by Rianna

Mini Bubble Candle

Mini Bubble Candle

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These mini bubble candles are great for home decorating including your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or entryway.
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Why Soy Wax Candles?


This candle made of pure soy wax is a real eye-catcher and the perfect accessory for a stylish apartment. The candle is made by hand.

Before lighting it, please make sure that your candle is on a stable and fireproof surface. Also that when you light the candle dripping wax is caught. Don't leave your burning candle unattended.

Choose between 2 colors!


The candle is made by hand and was cast with 100% soy wax.


Care instructions: store in a cool place.

End of Life Care

This candle is packaging-free, so you'll have little to no cleanup after its last burn.