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Pink Quill

Pink Quill

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Get to Know Pink Quill!


Pink Quill is a member of the bromeliad family of air plants, and gets its name from the plume of bright pink bracts that last for months. Arching, narrow green leaves grow in a rosette with flower spikes appearing in summer. Its pink bracts are densely overlapping, with violet-blue flowers emerging for a brief show.


The best way to water a pink quill is to spray it once or twice a week. Give the soil a good watering every 1-2 months, depending on the temperatures and the season. If your water is hard, then use purified or distilled water as this plant is susceptible to a build-up of minerals in some tap waters.


Bright natural light is best for a Pink Quill Plant. Keep it in this light to bring on the flowering & keep the plant happy for the long run. Be sure to avoid any strong, direct sun as the leaves will burn.


Yes! This plant is non-toxic but should not be ingested by pets as it can cause some indigestion.

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