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White Ceramic Pot & Saucer

White Ceramic Pot & Saucer

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These sleek ceramic pots and matching saucers are the perfect home for your new plant!
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Why This Plant Pot?


A simple cylinder pot with saucer in a matching, almost seamless design and matte finish.

The 5" pot is the perfect size for any new plants in a 4" nursery pot that's ready to move up a pot size. We recommend potting your plant directly into this vessel as this pot has a drain hole and comes with a well fitting saucer.


This plant pot and saucer are ceramic with a drainage hole.


This plant pot should last you years! Clean it out thoroughly each time you repot a new plant in it to keep your plants happy and healthy.

End of Life Care

This pot should last you many years, but if it breaks you could repurpose it as stepping stones, a mosaic art project, or anything else you can think of! Or if you don't need that extra plant pot anymore, consider bringing it to your next local plant swap!