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Bamboo Based Tissues

Bamboo Based Tissues

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Bless you? Gesundheit? No matter how you say it, these 100% bamboo tissues can handle everything from the strongest sneezes to the softest sniffles. Salud!

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    Why Bamboo Based Tissues?


    Soft on the nose, and strong as an ox! Even the strongest of sneezes don't break through these bamboo tissues.

    These tissues are made with bamboo and don't support deforestation, unlike most of those big cat supermarket brands.

    Tissues are 7.7″ x 8.5″ each. 3 ply strong.


    With these tissues you are not killing trees! They are made with 100% bamboo fibers – which is a grass, not a tree. It grows incredibly quickly, making it a sustainable source for tissues. So you can help reduce deforestation with every… ah… ah… achoo!


    Each box has 65 tissues.

    End of Life Care

    Biodegradable. No inks, dyes, or scent!