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Bamboo Facial Roller

Bamboo Facial Roller

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Give your skin a healthy glow and a soothing, relaxing experience! Our facial rollers are the perfect skin care accessory to incorporate on your waste-free journey.

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Why Bamboo Facial Rollers?


Facial rollers are used to promote healthier skin, reduce puffiness and decrease wrinkles, all naturally. Apply moisturizer and use in an "inside to outside" motion across your face to improve skin circulation and lymph drainage.

Jade: Detoxify and reduce puffiness and swelling. Lymphatic drainage is a must with daily stresses.

Rose Quartz: Brighten your skin tone and promote blood circulation.

Dimensions: 6 inches long, 2 inches wide


Bamboo and stainless steel handle with either jade or rose quartz rollers.


This is a life-long product! Make it last even longer by not letting the handle sit in water.

End of Life Care

Your bamboo facial roller should last you years, but when you decide you don't need it anymore you can compost the handle, recycle the fasteners, and reuse the stones are decorations in the garden!