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Green Pothos

Green Pothos

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Check out our Green Pothos with its lovely chartreuse and grass-green variegated leaves. This houseplant is our latest crush, and with good reason.

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Get to Know Green Pothos!


Imagine your favorite easy-care indoor vine upgrading its wardrobe! Enjoy this fast-growing, low-maintenance vining houseplant as a centerpiece or an accent for any surface!


Water the soil thoroughly after the soil is almost completely dry. It indicates that it needs water when the leaves start wilting. Water more often in the growing season and reduce the frequency during winter. It is best to refrain from watering if you cannot decide if it's time to add more.


Green Pothos prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight for at least 6 hours each day but can live in lower light conditions. However, the leaves will be smaller, and the painterly-like leaf color may fade if the light levels remain low for long periods. The vines will also produce fewer leaves and look leggy and bare. When you notice these issues, move your pothos to an area with higher light levels!


No, this plant is not pet friendly.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

BURNT LEAVES: When your Pothos gets too much sunlight, it'll get sunburns on its leaves. The sunburns will show up on the variegated parts of the leaves most of the time and are unfortunately permanent. Sunburns won't heal, so you could trim the leaf off if you want to.

YELLOW LEAVES: When you see your Pothos' leaves to yellow, it's most likely due to incorrect moisture levels in the soil. Especially overwatering your Pothos will cause the leaves to turn yellow. However, if you're consistently water your plant too much and let it dry out for too long, it will also stress out your Pothos. In this case the leaves will also turn yellow.

BROWN SPOTS: When your Pothos is not exposed to direct sunlight, but it's still getting brown spots it could be due to overwatering. When your Pothos is suffering from root rot, the variegation often turns brown. So if you're sure you're not giving your Pothos too much sunlight, it's good to have a second look at how much water you're giving it.