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Bio Scents

Bio Scents - Organic Essential Oil

Bio Scents - Organic Essential Oil

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These essential oils are pure extracts from organically farmed plants, and extracted through mechanical extraction like cold pressing and steam distillation.

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Why Bio Scents - Organic Essential Oils?


They are incredibly versatile and can be used as a cosmetic ingredient, to naturally fragrance your home, in DIY cleaning products and much more. They are suitable to use with any oil burner or diffuser. Weight: 1.5 oz.

They have a small dropper/stopper that allows you to control the pouring per drop and to make sure the oil doesn't soak into the wooden cap.


Tea Tree Benefits: Tea tree is known for its versatility and a must-have for your beauty-kit. It may promote the soothing of and the appearance of healthy looking hair, skin and nails.

Rosemary Benefits: Alertness & Energising - Rosemary may promote feelings of stimulating and lifting the spirit and may promote feelings of alertness.

Peppermint Benefits: Energising - A minty, cool and refreshing scent ideal for a midday pick-me up.

Frankincense Benefits: Unwind & De-stress (go inwards) - Considered the ‘king of essential oils’, this sweet, woody scent supports feelings of relaxation and balance.

Lavender Benefits: Soothing & relaxing - Considered one of the most popular of essential oils, this floral and fresh scent may promote feelings of relaxation and supports a tranquil atmosphere. Ideal to be used at night before going to bed.

Eucalyptus Benefits: Stimulating & Rejuvenating - Eucalyptus may promote open airways and stimulate clear breathing. It may stimulate the mind out of sluggishness. Also used for a common cold, to treat minor wounds and scratches and to relief joint pains.

Lemon Benefits: Uplifting - The fresh scent of lemon oil may create an uplifting atmosphere.


All organic essential oils are packaged in glass bottles with wooden caps, to be as plastic free as possible.


Store locked up.

End of Life Care

Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/ national/international regulations.