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Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush

Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush

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Replace plastic toilet brushes with a sustainable coconut fiber and wood handle toilet brush! 
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Why a Coconut Fiber Toilet Brush?


The coconut bristles have incredible scrubbing power and are perfectly curved to fit under the toilet rim. Durable enough for cleaning but soft enough to not damage glazed or porcelain toilets.

Recommended: Store in a repurposed glass jar, plant pot, or hang on a hook with a plate below for the perfect zero waste solution! *Jar not included

Length: 19.5" long, 4" brush width.


Made with coconut fiber bristles, beechwood, and a cotton lanyard, metal wire.


Sanitize and hang to dry in between uses or if stored in a jar, make sure to empty any excess water into the toilet after the bristles have drained.

Want to clean the bristles? Give them a soak in vinegar or spray with hydrogen peroxide periodically to kill bacteria. Made from natural coconut husks, the bristles shed a bit during use, but better to send coconut down than drain than microplastics!

End of Life Care

This brush can be composted and the metal wire can be scrap recycled. Bury in your garden and remove the wire later, or pluck the bristles from the wire and compost bristles, handle, & lanyard.