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Crystal Necklace

Crystal Necklace

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These beautify pendants come in a range of crystals.

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Why Crystal Necklace?


Silver chain pendants:
Tiger's Eye - Willpower, Warrior's Spirit, Self-Motivation
Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion
Malachite - Wealth, Beauty, Individuality
Turquoise - Health, Communication, Luck
Fluorite - Renewal, Harmony, Energizing
Aventurine - Luck, Optimism, Wealth
Amethyst - Intuition, Balance, Higher Wisdom
Milky Quartz - Energizing, Clarity, Focus
Howlite - Calming, Compromise, Sleep
Citrine - Brightness, Positive Energy, Clearing


Silver chain, crystals


These necklaces should last for many years.

End of Life Care

Keeping your necklace clean will help prevent having its life end :) but should something happen think about putting it on a new chain or repurpose it.