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Ecoteether Ball

Ecoteether Ball

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Safe, soothing, sustainable, and multi-sensory. The easy-to-grasp ball shape is a functional toy and developed by a doctor to provide relief while teething. 

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Why Ecoteether Balls?


The easy to grasp ball shape is a functional toy & developed by a mother to provide relief while teething. Each vine of the teether has a unique pattern including a smooth, dotted, and twisted spiral; each providing a unique sensation for the baby depending on the teething stage.


This product is made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea Tree. Various conditions including humidity, temperature, season of harvest, etc. can effect the color (making product appear darker or lighter), and smell (scent of natural rubber). The beauty of 100% natural products is that their variability is a confirmation of nature itself–the tree in spring is much different than the tree in autumn.


This teether should see your baby through teething, as long as it's still in good shape.

End of Life Care

Biodegradable. Always check with your composting facility to see what they accept.