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Ivy plants are lush, long-vining plants that will look stunning in your home. 
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Get to Know Ivy!


They are fast-growing, evergreen plants that are happy to climb their surroundings or drape down the side of a hanging pot.


Ivy thrives when the soil is allowed to dry out substantially between foliar feeding. Do water only when the soil seems dried out. And try to water the plant thoroughly so that the extra water can flow out the bottom of the pot.


Ivy survives in the lighting that ranges from moderate to bright. It blooms at average household temperatures and moisture levels. Don't be afraid to take it outside in the summer if the temperature is over 50°F; it will thrive. When the temperature drops below 50°F in the fall, bring it inside.


No, this plant is not pet friendly.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

If your Ivy is turning brown and dying back this is most likely due to dry soil, too much sun and under watering. To revive dying Ivy it is important to water it appropriately, plant it in the right sized pot and use a fertilizer if necessary. Dying foliage should be cut back to promote healthy green growth.