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Laceleaf Plant

Laceleaf Plant

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This is a one a kind plant!
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Get to Know Laceleaf Plant!


Many people think the Laceleaf plant is a flower because of its beautiful and colorful leaves.


Laceleaf needs a balanced watering schedule. Take care not to overwater the plant, but don’t go too long without watering either, as the root ball can be difficult to re-wet if it becomes too dry.

To water Laceleaf, wait until the top two inches of the soil are dry and then use the “Drench and Drain” method of watering by soaking the soil until the water runs through the bottom of the pot, and then letting all excess water drain out before putting the plant back in a secondary pot, or on a tray or saucer.


Bright but indirect light like from a southerly-facing window is perfect for this plant. Your anthurium will get plenty of bright light but not so much that it burns in the sunlight. Avoid northerly-facing windows, which aren’t bright enough for the anthurium.

An anthurium that’s starved of light will grow more slowly. The flowers, if you see any, are going to be smaller than usual. They’ll also be fewer and farther between and they might lack the expected depth of color.


No, this plant is not pet friendly.

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