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Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

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Discover the gentle power of our Natural Deodorant, meticulously formulated and baking soda free for sensitive skin.
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Why this Natural Deodorant?


This innovative deodorant combines the best of nature's offerings, including coconut oil, cassava starch, white clay, and cocoa butter, to provide effective odor protection while letting your skin breathe. The baking soda free formula is ideal for sensitive skin, avoiding irritation. Safe and natural, with no aluminum salts, allowing your body to transpire naturally.
Enhanced with the natural antibacterial properties of orange and lemongrass essential oils, our deodorant ensures you stay fresh all day, the natural way.

How to Use:
Apply the deodorant by gently gliding the bar 2-4 times directly onto clean, dry underarm skin. The number of swipes may vary based on your activity level. Allow the product to melt upon contact with your skin for effective coverage. Avoid applying immediately after shaving to prevent irritation.


Main Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Cassava Starch, White Clay, Cocoa Butter, Orange Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil. All sourced from agroecological farming in Colombia.


Good for 30 to 60 applications

End of Life Care

Packaging is made from sugarcane fibers and is biodegradable and recyclable. Continue to use the deodorant bar until it's fully dissolved.