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Peperomia Ginny

Peperomia Ginny

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This colorful Peperomia Ginny is the perfect addition to your plant collection!
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Get to Know Peperomia Ginny!


Because of its mix of dark green, creamy-white and rosy-pink colors the Peperomia Ginny is also known as the Rainbow, Red Edge or Tricolor Peperomia. The South American beauty is incredibly low-care and easy-going and therefore great for beginners! Keep your new plant in a room between 65-75°F. Although Peperomia plants might look a little bit like succulents, they are not and actually like higher humidity and more water.


You should water your Peperomia Ginny every 1-2 weeks when 50%-75% of the soil is dry. Make sure to discard remaining water on the bottom of the pot or saucer after watering thoroughly.


This plant does best in medium-bright indirect light. Protect it from direct sunlight to prevent its leaves from burning!


Yes! Your Peperomia Ginny is non-toxic to pets and humans.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

LEAF DROP: You are giving your plant too little water or light.

DROOPING LEAVES: Your plant is thirsty and needs more water.

MUSHY STEMS: You are giving your Peperomia Ginny too much water and its roots might be rotting.