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Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron

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There's nothing more unique than the bubblegum pink leaves on this Philodendron!
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Get to Know the Pink Princess Philodendron


This stunning philodendron variety is native to Columbia. It is easily recognized by its stunning bubblegum pink variegated leaves. While rare, these stunning plants - like other philodendrons - are easy houseplants to care for.


Water your pink princess philodendron about once per week, when the top 50%-75% of the soil is dry. This philodendron can be prone to root rot, so make sure it is never sitting in waterlogged soil.


The pink princess requires plenty of bright indirect light to promote that beautiful pink variegation in the leaves. When indoors, the pink princess can even tolerate a couple hours of direct light.


Philodendron leaves are toxic to both pets and humans. If ingested, it may results in some swelling, stomach irritation, and possible vomiting.

Sad Plant (is your plant dying?)

Browning edges or spots on a pink princess leaf may be a sign of too much direct sunlight or too little humidity. Try moving the plant further from the window, or getting a humidifier for that room.

Without enough light, this philodendron's leaves will revert back to green. Try moving the plant closer to a window to promote those stunning pink streaks.