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Rosemary Hair Tonic

Rosemary Hair Tonic

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Unleash the botanical power of rosemary and maca with Panavayu's Rosemary Hair Tonic. This expertly blended formula is designed to strengthen your hair, reduce hair fall, and restore shine while also smoothing frizz and easing detangling. Suitable for all hair types, this leave-in solution promotes a healthier, more vibrant mane.
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Why Rosemary Hair Tonic?


This hair tonic prevents hair fall and stimulates scalp circulation for healthier hair growth. The frizz-reducing formula smooths hair strands and facilitates detangling. Made with eco-friendly ingredients, and free from silicones, petroleum derivatives, & parabens.

Spray directly onto scalp and hair roots at night before sleep, no rinse required. Gently massage. Regular use recommended for best results.


Main Ingredients: Rosemary Hydrosol, Atlas Cedar Essential Oil, Maca Root Extract , Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosemary officinalis)


The bottle should last you about 1 - 2 months with continuous use.

End of Life Care

When you use the last of your serum, repurpose the spray bottle for any of your favorite refillables!

If you don't need the bottle anymore, remove the pump and tube (made from PET) from the glass bottle and recycle all parts.